Discovery Park, Banting, SELANGOR

Discovery Park is the entertainment component of the newly launched Gamuda Cove. It is an attraction park with several components, ranging from first in Malaysia attractions to adrenaline pumping activities. 1 park, many experiences. The park also the gateway to the Paya Indah Discovery Wetlands which is a national wildlife sanctuary wetland gazetted area. The … Continue reading Discovery Park, Banting, SELANGOR

Paya Indah Discovery Wetlands, Dengkil, SELANGOR

Paya Indah Discovery Wetlands is a biodiversity sanctuary located next to Gamuda Cove. The gazetted wetlands is a vital habitat for endangered species and mitigates the impact of floods during wet seasons. Gamuda Land is taking up the mantle to preserve the wetlands for future generations. There are several attractions in the wetland park such … Continue reading Paya Indah Discovery Wetlands, Dengkil, SELANGOR

Xploria Gamuda Gardens, Kuang, SELANGOR

Xploria is home to various attractions under X-scape, Playscape, Waterscape and Senscape, which comprise numerous fun-filled adventures for your whole family to explore located in Gamuda Gardens. Besides that, there is a multi-purpose area called Waterfront Village in front of the lake which is surrounded by a 50-acre pet friendly central park. In the evening, … Continue reading Xploria Gamuda Gardens, Kuang, SELANGOR

Msekin Wonderland, Sekinchan, SELANGOR

Msekin Wonderland is the first kids water park in Sabak Bernam, Selangor. Located in Sekinchan town near Pantai Redang Sekinchan, the water park are adjacent with Sekin Hotel & Resort. Besides that, there is also a grilled fish restaurant called Sekin Ikan Bakar inside the resort. FEATURE Water park for kids and familyGrilled fish restaurant … Continue reading Msekin Wonderland, Sekinchan, SELANGOR

Fantasia Aquapark, Jitra, KEDAH

Fantasia Aquapark is one of the main attraction in Darulaman Park which also consists a golf course, equine park and also lake park. Located in Bandar Darulaman - just minutes from Jitra town centre and 15 minutes from Alor Setar Airport, makes it very accessible. It was closed for months during the pandemic in 2020 … Continue reading Fantasia Aquapark, Jitra, KEDAH

Firefly Park Resort, Kuala Selangor, SELANGOR

The Firefly Park Resort is based on ecotourism concepts taking care of nature wonder and transform them into a resort that has become one of point of interest for tourism in Kuala Selangor. For the visitor who looking for unique weekend experience, the Firefly Park Resort, Kg Bukit Belimbing is a destination with all the … Continue reading Firefly Park Resort, Kuala Selangor, SELANGOR

Splash Out, Langkawi, KEDAH

Inspired by explorers and marine voyagers of yore who sailed the seven seas to discover new worlds, Splash Out Langkawi is designed to be a fantastical empire where great exploits happen every day. No two visits to Splash Out Langkawi is ever the same. It will take you on a wondrous journey. A journey of … Continue reading Splash Out, Langkawi, KEDAH

Forest City Water Park, Gelang Patah, JOHOR

Forest City Water Park was built by the developer of Forest City project. It started receiving visitors since 13th November of 2019. There are five types of water attraction offered, which are Water Slides and Water Maze each with a capacity of 300 people per hour while the Water Fun Challenge are able to accommodate … Continue reading Forest City Water Park, Gelang Patah, JOHOR

Taman Air DarulMakmur, Jerantut, PAHANG

Taman Air DarulMakmur is a mini waterpark in Jerantut, Pahang owned by MUIP (Majlis Ugama Islam Dan Adat Resam Melayu Pahang). It is located just beside Hotel DarulMakmur and just minutes away walking distance from Jerantut KTM Station. There are total of 3 pools in this waterpark which is the main pool, children pool and … Continue reading Taman Air DarulMakmur, Jerantut, PAHANG

Kenyir Water Park, Kuala Berang, TERENGGANU

Last updated on December 2021 Starting from September 2019, Kenyir Water Park is closed until further announcement. Kenyir Water Park is the first water park in Terengganu built by the state government. It is located in Pulau Poh, Tasik Kenyir near Pengkalan Gawi and about 60 km from Kuala Terengganu. There are water slides, … Continue reading Kenyir Water Park, Kuala Berang, TERENGGANU