Denai Kabus, Gerik, PERAK

Denai Kabus Agro Farm and Adventure Resort is located at a valley near Gerik in Perak. The background of the valley is the twin peaks of Hulu Perak - the majestic Mount Kenderong and Mount Kerunai, collectively known among hikers and mountaineers as K2. The peaks usually covered by mist in the morning and after … Continue reading Denai Kabus, Gerik, PERAK

Lata Kekabu Waterfall, Lenggong, PERAK

Lata Kekabu is located 10 km from Lenggong Town. It is certainly a hidden jewel in the Lenggong district. It is a popular destination among local and foreign nature lovers, who love to explore the pristine beauty of flora and fauna. This is area is suitable for taking fresh air, relaxing and for a picnic during weekends. Facilities such … Continue reading Lata Kekabu Waterfall, Lenggong, PERAK