Car Rental

Most international car rental agencies like Avis and Hertz operate in Kuala Lumpur. Prices start from about RM200 a day for a compact car with insurance. Corporate rates will get you the car for about RM160. Unleaded Petrol sells for about RM2.30/liter (as at January 2018) and the price will change monthly. Refer here for latest price.

The Malaysians drive on the left hand side of the road, as they do in the UK, Australia, South Africa, but on the opposite side of the road to Europe and the USA. This means that the driver will get into the right hand side of the car.

Wearing of seat belts for both drivers and front passenger are mandatory, and the use of mobile or cellular phones whilst driving is prohibited. The penalty for drunk driving is serious. Roadblocks come out usually in the early mornings on weekends to catch drunk drivers.


What to do when stopped by traffic police for a traffic offence – the price is usually RM300 for a speeding offence. Check with the car rental agency whether they can help with remittance of the fine, of which, must still be borne by you, as stipulated in their terms and conditions.

There are few expressway requires payment of tolls, they are either open or closed system, payment is usually upon reaching next toll plaza or payment at toll plaza to use the stretch. Do have small notes in hand. Beginning in 2015, some expressways are only accepting payment via electronic toll collection, Touch n Go (TnG). For more information about TnG, refer to their website.

These are website where you can find your car rental online: