10/6/15 1.0 site created, named splashy malaysia

15/6/15 1.1 splashy logo created, menu added, test page and post created

20/6/15 1.2 new logo used, tagline revise

15/7/15 2.0 site revision, new theme and name to mykelah

20/7/15 2.1 new logo, widget updated

22/7/15 2.2 target site published on v3.0, new essential pages added, 1st post added

23/7/15 2.3 site front page completed, widget visibility adjusted

1/8/15 3.0 all new chair-table icon finalised

19/8/15 3.1 disclaimer added, dotworpress established

7/9/15 3.2 new widget upcoming event and countdown added

8/9/15 3.3 contact page changed to information and added to main menu

15/915 3.4 new featured image for pages, weather alert widget added, widget visibility updated

16/9/15 3.5 under construction banner added on home, front page updated, new transportation and stay page added, public/private category image added

27/9/15 3.6 weather widget updated with more links

8/10/15 3.7 new hot spring and random picks category added

21/10/15 3.8 transportation pagename changed to transport, new choice ibilik added for stay

22/10/15 3.9 home header and font updated, ready for v4.0 update

23/10/15 4.0 new looks and navigation, no clutter on the side, header changed

27/10/15 4.1 maps added for find section, new main menu include find by maps,states & attractions

29/10/15 4.1.1 widget updated

30/10/15 4.2 information page name change to govt. contact and updated banner

10/11/15 4.2.1 review panel in post updated with the title after the website name

16/11/15 4.3 new domain

19/11/15 4.3.1 all gallery in post updated to tiles column to reduce post length

19/11/15 4.3.2 adword added

19/11/15 4.4 new site map page added to help improve user experience

23/11/15 4.4.1 mykelah google account created, gmail,google plus and youtube added

25/11/15 4.5 transport page updated with taxi, post update with public transport page links

26/11/15 4.5.1 dotwordpress page updated, neve media logo updated

9/12/15 4.5.2 home menu removed, more menu is added for page like contact,about and safety, find menu changed to discover for better function

10/12/15 4.5.3 maps in post size changed to 900×450, ads use tags for easy identification, transport selection added under access tab in post

14/12/15 4.5.4 menus updated, resort type added, discover page updated, taxi page divided into intro and usage

17/12/15 4.6 new look for transport, stay, sitemap pages and new navigation page

18/12/15 4.6.1 new pages added, budget hotel and transit in KV

19/12/15 4.6.2 new navigation pages added for picks, states, attractions and resorts. navigation link on the top for each pages updated with colours and arrow. govt contact pages updated.

23/12/15 4.6.3 reference tab is no more included in posts, replaced by contact tab (moved from original location above access tab)

28/12/15 4.6.4 all post updated with new format (tab location, iframe sizes), new listings page added for visitors add their resort/homestay

13/1/18 5.0 all new name (GoKelah) and full design revamp, on domain, icon remained, word logo updated

16/1/18 5.0.1 new page for tips list

21/4/18 5.1 new button for index page

29/7/18 5.1.1 sitemap updated

8/7/19 5.2 website convert to blocks, refreshed looks

10/12/19 5.3 new refreshed front page

13/12/19 5.4 new blog panel added, enable different post format-blog syle

28/12/19 5.4.1 transport pages updated

29/12/19 5.4.2 government contact page updated

1/1/20 5.4.3 all button, colour updated, more tips pages added

8/1/20 5.4.4 site map page rebuilt

9/4/21 5.5 all new logo testing, beta version

11/4/21 5.5.1 new logo revamped, final version

1/9/21 5.5.2 revert to previous logo, with minor change

2/9/21 5.5.3 new picks page, top and random combined

16/3/22 5.5.4 homepage refined, new menu arrangement, blog added

25/3/22 5.5.5 search improved, landing page added

28/3/22 5.6 new tagline

28/9/22 5.6.1 transport page updated with new information