Getting around in Malaysia, for many travelers, means using a taxi (in Malay, TEKSI). On a taxi roof, there is this sign with the word BERMETER, which means metered taxi. It is suggested that you avoid taxis refusing to use the meter at all costs, regardless of traffic conditions or inclement weather (which may mean a heavy tropical downpour, causing flash floods in some low-lying streets). Always insist on the use of meters for correct regulated fare. For more tips and information on using taxi in Kuala Lumpur, refer here.

Should a taxi be called by phone there is a surcharge, and also surcharge of for items placed in the car boot or trunk. If a cabbie uses an expressway, there will be toll charges and this is borne by the passenger. Some major expressway leading into KL are PLUS, ELITE and MEX. For further information on expressway in Malaysia and its toll concession company, refer here.


Grab, AirAsia Super, Maxim and MyCar are main e-hailing provider in Malaysia that provide car hiring services via their apps. Download these apps on App Store and Play Store.