Fantasia Aquapark, Jitra, KEDAH

Fantasia Aquapark is one of the main attraction in Darulaman Park which also consists a golf course, equine park and also lake park. Located in Bandar Darulaman - just minutes from Jitra town centre and 15 minutes from Alor Setar Airport, makes it very accessible. It was closed for months during the pandemic in 2020 … Continue reading Fantasia Aquapark, Jitra, KEDAH

Splash Out, Langkawi, KEDAH

Inspired by explorers and marine voyagers of yore who sailed the seven seas to discover new worlds, Splash Out Langkawi is designed to be a fantastical empire where great exploits happen every day. No two visits to Splash Out Langkawi is ever the same. It will take you on a wondrous journey. A journey of … Continue reading Splash Out, Langkawi, KEDAH

Laman Mandi Recreation Pool, Sungai Petani, KEDAH

Kolam Rekreasi Laman Mandi is a recreation pool in Sungai Petani town in Kedah. It is located just behind Hotel Seri Malaysia Sungai Petani and just minutes away walking distance from Sungai Petani KTM Station. FEATURE Pool with slides for kids ACTIVITY SwimmingRelaxing FACILITY Toilets/BathroomRest hutParking FEE & ADMISSION Admission:Adult: RM 10Children (under 14 years … Continue reading Laman Mandi Recreation Pool, Sungai Petani, KEDAH

Keriang Hill Chalet, Alor Setar, KEDAH

Keriang Hill is situated at the foot of Mount Keriang, with its white limestone geology with its own particular special history and myths with a wide span of paddy fields. Found 10 km from the city centre of Alor Setar, Kedah. It has 15 cabins that are conceptualized by town houses with ious outlines on … Continue reading Keriang Hill Chalet, Alor Setar, KEDAH

Lata Mengkuang Waterfall, Sik, KEDAH

Lata Mengkuang is a waterfall located within the Rimba Teloi Forest Reserve Area 72, about 12 km from the town of Sik. The Lata Mengkuang Recreation Park is a lowland dipterocarp forest located at an elevation of 200 meters above sea level. The recreational area is along a 1 km stretch of Sungai Chepir, which cascades over … Continue reading Lata Mengkuang Waterfall, Sik, KEDAH

Beris Lake Vineyard, Sik, KEDAH

Last updated on September 2019 Beris Lake Vineyard seems to be closed for good. Beris Lake Vineyard located at Sik, 47 km from Gurun Plaza Toll is a vineyard operated by Excel Agrotech Sdn Bhd on 34 acres land. The varieties of grape that planted here are Black Opal, Black Grape, White Malaga dan Loose Pelite. There is a shop nearby … Continue reading Beris Lake Vineyard, Sik, KEDAH