GOKL City Free Bus

Fare and Bus

GOKL City Bus are free to use. There are no need for ticket or card to use it. Just hop on and off when you want. All GOKL buses have the same livery with purple coloured wrapping. You can identify which line the bus is by see the word (etc: BLUE) on the LED display at the front bus.

GOKL City bus with purple coloured livery at KLCC stop. -Photo: klia2.info

Lines (Updated on December 2019)

There are 7 lines now on GOKL City Bus network. Originally, there are only 4 lines in the city centre but recently there are 3 more new lines added.

These are the lines operating on this network and their service area:

1️⃣ GREEN Line: KLCC – Bukit Bintang
2️⃣ PURPLE Line: Pasar Seni – Bukit Bintang
3️⃣ BLUE Line: Hub Titiwangsa – Bukit Bintang
4️⃣ RED Line: Hub Titiwangsa – KL Sentral
5️⃣ ORANGE Line: Hub Titiwangsa – MINDEF
6️⃣ PINK Line: PPR Pantai Ria – LRT Universiti
7️⃣ TURQUOISE Line: LRT Dato’ Keramat- Setiawangsa

Only 4 lines on this map by APAD.


Operating hours:

  • Monday to Thursday: 6 am – 11 pm
  • Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday: 7 am – 11 pm


  • Normal: 15 minutes
  • Peak: 5 minutes

Routes and Stops Information


How to use GOKL City Bus

Since its free, there are need to tap in or out when using the bus. You just need to figure where you want to go and then choose which line to use. Find the nearest GOKL City Bus stop and get on the bus from there. If your destination is on the different line, you need to make an interchange at the bus stop and take another GOKL bus that on the line which your destination is at.

GOKL City Bus logo.

Using Official GOKL Apps

Use your smartphone to help when you are using GOKL City Bus. There are apps like Moovit or GOKL official apps to get live arrivals of your buses. It is now only available at Android, but soon will be available at iOS too.