Limastiga Private Vacation Villa, Umbai, MELAKA

Limastiga Melaka offers a gem of comfortable living which cleverly combines modern architecture with traditional kampung style. The abode features six spacious family rooms arranged within three houses with stunning views of its surrounding. A large pool is set in the middle of the charming compound lush with greenery. Complete with superior amenities and easy access to … Continue reading Limastiga Private Vacation Villa, Umbai, MELAKA

D’Ark Training & Resort, Janda Baik, PAHANG

D'Ark Training & Resort is a perfect get away from the city where nature and tranquility awaits you in the most unique setting. With primary jungle on the slopes on one side, a crystal clear river bordering the other side, the possibilities for outdoor activities are endless. The training resort provides the best for your convention, … Continue reading D’Ark Training & Resort, Janda Baik, PAHANG

Zamani’s Place, Yan, KEDAH

Zamani’s Place, a luxurious private vacation resort home away from home in the agricultural district of Yan, Kedah, the rice bowl of Malaysia. Zamani’s Place is ideally located off a small country road, surrounded by padi fields and overlooking the Straits of Malacca with the majestic hills of Gunung Jerai, Kedah’s highest peak, as its backdrop. Yet, … Continue reading Zamani’s Place, Yan, KEDAH