What is dotwordpress?

dotwordpress is a product of Neve Media which focuses on websites that made with/using WordPress platform.

What is the objective?

We want to show you that WordPress platform is not just for blogs or personal sites. We aim to make high quality sites using WordPress platform. For now our priority is that.

dotwordpress site/blog

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About Neve Media

Neve Media is a media group that focusing on publishing and creating media on the web. Neve Media provides site and blog design service and our focus is not only design but also user experience. There are a lot of sites and blogs that have extravagance and heavy design but not user friendly. At Neve Media our focus is to create simple and user friendly sites and blogs so that your site/blog visitors can easily understand your content.

For question about our service, contact us at :

Email : nevenation@gmail.com

WhatsApp/LINE : 013-2559985