D’Village, Kuala Kangsar, PERAK

Karai, a town that most people has forgotten. It was developed by the British when coal was found not far from the town. Karai lost its glory in 1928 when the price of coal came down and petrol took over to run steam engine and machineries. From that day, Karai has run down and many … Continue reading D’Village, Kuala Kangsar, PERAK


Syamille Agrofarm & Resort, Kuala Kangsar, PERAK

Initially built as a hobby and private retreat, Syamille Agrofarm & Resort offers a tranquility and refreshing vacation to its guests. What began as a farm agriculture and private farming, little by little become a nature-inspired vacation place. Accommodation for lodging was built around it without disturbing the nature nearby. Syamille Agrofarm & Resort is built … Continue reading Syamille Agrofarm & Resort, Kuala Kangsar, PERAK