D’Village, Kuala Kangsar, PERAK

Karai, a town that most people has forgotten. It was developed by the British when coal was found not far from the town. Karai lost its glory in 1928 when the price of coal came down and petrol took over to run steam engine and machineries. From that day, Karai has run down and many … Continue reading D’Village, Kuala Kangsar, PERAK

Laman Mandi Recreation Pool, Sungai Petani, KEDAH

Kolam Rekreasi Laman Mandi is a recreation pool in Sungai Petani town in Kedah. It is located just behind Hotel Seri Malaysia Sungai Petani and just minutes away walking distance from Sungai Petani KTM Station. FEATURE Pool with slides for kids ACTIVITY SwimmingRelaxing FACILITY Toilets/BathroomRest hutParking FEE & ADMISSION Admission:Adult: RM 10Children (under 14 years … Continue reading Laman Mandi Recreation Pool, Sungai Petani, KEDAH

Lata Payung, Setiu, TERENGGANU

Located 25 km from Seri Langkap town, not many know about this waterfall even it is maintained by the State Forestry Department . The tranquil and fresh environment will provide a relaxing time. There are some rest huts and flat area for picnics and barbeques. FEATURE Tranquil environmentClear water ACTIVITY CampingSwimmingPicnicBarbecueHiking FACILITY ParkingRest hutToiletPrayer room … Continue reading Lata Payung, Setiu, TERENGGANU

Lata Tembakah, Jerteh, TERENGGANU

Lata Tembakah (Hutan Lipur Lata Tembakah) is located in Pelagat Forest Reserve, just 24 km south of Jerteh town in Besut district.It is clearly signposted and can be reached easily. Lata Tembakah waterfalls are probably the most impressive falls of Terengganu as it consists 7 level of waterfalls/cascades. This forest reserve was first developed in 1987 and became … Continue reading Lata Tembakah, Jerteh, TERENGGANU