Batu Berangkai Waterfall is situated about 2.1 km from Kampar town. On the way there, you will pass alongside Masjid Al Nur, Kampar and enjoy traditional Malay and indigenous villages in the Taman Ros residential area. Tourists can enjoy natural splendour as well as swim, picnic or camp with their families. The most beautiful part of the day is at dusk, as the sun sets for the day.

The fast-flowing water is crystal clear.  A short climb away, picnickers will chance upon puddles and pools formed in between rocks. A quick dip is simply too inviting. Unfortunately, accessibility is limited to the lower reaches, as the waterfall is in a remote area of the Kampar hills.


The road to the fall takes visitors past an Orang Asli settlement. The narrow road is steep but is passable to cars. Beware of oncoming cars as the road can only accommodate a single vehicle at any one time. Facilities are, however, negligible.

For the more adventurous, you can hike up the Gunung Relau and the waterfall track to enjoy the natural flora and fauna at the peak of the mountain which stands at 4,075 feet. The journey will take time between 4-5 hours.


  • Waterfalls and natural pools
  • Spectacular view from top


  • Swimming
  • Hiking
  • Picnic/BBQ


  • Parking (road side)
  • Rest huts


  • Admission: Free
  • Parking: Free
  • Attire: No restriction but please use decent clothes (ex: t-shirt, shorts)


REVIEW | Batu Berangkai & Salu Waterfall, Kampar | AIR TERJUN BATU BERANGKAI, KAMPAR




By Car

From KL by E1 PLUS highway, take EXIT 132 Tapah. After toll plaza turn right on T junction heading for Tapah, then follow Route 59 until another T junction. Turn right heading for Ipoh and follow Route 1 until you reached Kampar Town. Look for Masjid Al Nur Kampar on your right and turn right on the traffic light junction after the mosque. Follow the road and pass Orang Asli settlement until you found the waterfall.

Masjid Al Nur Kampar and junction to Kg. Batu Berangkat
Signboard to Kg. Batu Berangkai. Turn right.

From Ipoh by Federal Route 1, follow Route 1 heading for Kampar and when you reached Kampar Town, look for Masjid Al Nur Kampar on your left and turn left on the traffic light junction before the mosque. Follow the road and pass Orang Asli settlement until you found the waterfall.

By Train

From KL Sentral Station take ETS for Ipoh to KTM Kampar Station. After arrived at the station, take a taxi to Batu Berangkai Waterfall. It takes about 8 minute for a journey about 2.1 km. Alternatively, you can walk about 20 minutes towards Masjid Al Nur Kampar and go through Kampung Batu Berangkai.

Malaysia public transport guide:


Kampar District Council

Tel: 05-4671020 / 05-4671030
Fax: 05-4671040


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