Located 25 km from Gerik town leading to the border of Gerik-Baling. Surrounded with greenery, it is the best destination for a peaceful and calming atmosphere. Perak Agrotourism Resort (PATRO) Sungai Rui is the latest attraction offered by the Perak State Agricultural Development Corporation (PPPNP). Here, you can have a very relaxing weekend getaway while admiring the zen-like beauty of the vast stretches of agricultural farms and plantation. PATRO Sungai Rui is also suitable for river bathing and leisure activities like kayaking.

There are various types of accommodation offered including container, lounging and camping area. For visitors who want the “outdoor” and “back-to-nature” atmosphere, the accommodation is the perfect choice to experience the natural environment here. Package offered starts at RM 70. For visitors who want a comfortable stay, PATRO Sungai Rui offers container accommodation equipped with furnishings, air conditioning and so on with prices starting from RM 100 only.


Packages with special menu of village-like cuisine as low as RM 25 per person are offered to PATRO Sungai Rui visitors. For fishing enthusiasts, fishing packages with low rates of RM 15 for one hour and RM 30 for three hours are also available here. Among the types of fish that can be found at PATRO Sungai Rui fishing pond are Rohu, Patin and so on.

In summary, PATRO Sungai Rui offers a variety of interesting packages to visit and is a destination for visitors who wish of a tranquil atmosphere and away from the hustle and bustling city. The diversity of these facilities, facilities and strategic location is also ideal for making PATRO Sungai Rui as a place of choice for “team building” activities, family days and so on.


  • River and fishing pond
  • Suspension bridge
  • Container


  • Swimming
  • Kayaking
  • Fishing
  • Camping
  • Hiking
  • Picnic/BBQ
  • Group program


  • Parking
  • Dining hall
  • Kitchen
  • Rest huts
  • Prayer room
  • Multi-purpose hall


  • Admission: RM 15
  • Parking: Free
  • Tent rental: RM 30/unit
  • Dining hall rental: RM 100
  • Kitchen rental: RM 150
  • Dining hall and kitchen combo: RM 220 (max 100 pax)
  • Fishing:
    • 1 hour: RM 15
    • 3 hour: RM 30
    • Fishing rod rental: RM 10


PATRO Sungai Rui Price




By Car

From Gerik straight follow Route 76 until you arrived at Jalan Baling-Gerik (Route 4) intersection. Turn left onto Route 4 heading to Baling. Follow the road for about 35 km until you see the sign to PATRO Sungai Rui.

By Bus

Take a bus to Gerik, then take a 35 km taxi ride to the resort.

Malaysia public transport guide:


Perak Agrotourism Resort Sungai Rui

Address: No. 79, Peti Surat Berkunci, Gerik, Perak
Tel: 013-9938130
Facebook Page: PATRO Sungai Rui


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