Lata Mengkuang is a waterfall located within the Rimba Teloi Forest Reserve Area 72, about 12 km from the town of Sik. The Lata Mengkuang Recreation Park is a lowland dipterocarp forest located at an elevation of 200 meters above sea level. The recreational area is along a 1 km stretch of Sungai Chepir, which cascades over rocks, making it an ideal place for swimming and picnicking. From the Lata Mengkuang Recreation Park, it is possible to make a 5 km track through the jungle to the Lata Lembu Emas.


  • 20 m tall waterfall ideal for swimming and picnicking
  • Various flora and fauna can be found such as Meranti, Melantai, Meranti Langgong and Meranti Tembaga


  • Swimming
  • Picnic
  • BBQ
  • Hiking


  • Parking
  • Toilets
  • Food stalls
  • Rest huts


  • Parking: Free
  • Admission: Free


Photo Credit to Sik District Council Website.

REVIEW | Menjejak Air Terjun Lata Mengkuang, Sik Kedah | Air Terjun Lata Mengkuang, Sik




By Car

From NORTH/SOUTH by E1 PLUS highway, take EXIT 173 Gurun. After toll plaza, turn right onto Route 175 heading for Sik. Follow the road for 35 km then you will reach at the town of Sik. Turn right on the junction in front of Sik District Council building. Follow the road for about 4 km then at the T junction, turn left. Then, follow the road for about 7.5 km until you reach at the waterfall on your left.

By Train

From KTM Butterworth Station take KTM Komuter for Gurun to KTM Gurun Station. Then, take a taxi or rental car to the waterfall for a 48 km journey. The easiest way, you can take an express bus to Sik Express Bus Terminal then take a taxi to the waterfall.

Malaysia public transport guide:


Sik District Council

Address: Sik District Council, 08200 Sik, Kedah
Tel: 04-467 6000
Fax: 04-469 5448


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