Trong Leisure Farm & Resort(自農休閒農莊) located about 10km away from the Changkat Jering toll plaza and 1.5km into Terong, is a nice getaway for families and friends. It’s the first duck themed resort in Malaysia with a total area of 70 acres. The place consist of a resort with recreational activities, a fishing pond, a duck farm (formerly called Soon Hock Duck Farm), a pork-free seafood restaurant and a Halal Malay restaurant.

There are also accommodations for those who want to spend night at the farm. The resort consist 12 rooms that available for booking. For amusement, there are a small amusement corner next to the restaurant for children such as the Duck Ride Machine and Toy Grabbing Machine. You can change some coins at the cashier counter. Other than that, you can try out the Duck Pedal Boat at RM6 per 15 minutes or feed the duck with duck feeds at RM2/100g. You can buy the ticket at a shop lot next to the pond. There’s a passion fruit arch nearby. If you were lucky enough, you might find some fruits intact but I only managed to see some blooms. Do not go about plucking anything in the farm as you will be fined heavily for vandalism.

There will be a few species of freshwater fishes in the pond for your angling experiences such as tilapia, lampang, rohu, patin, sultan fish and more. Any fish above 3kg has to be released back into the pond. Other than the tilapia and lampang which you can bring home for free, rohu and patin will be charged at RM5/kg whereas sultan fish will be charged at RM20/kg. There will be a small fee per rod for the number of hours you spent fishing by the pond (9.00 a.m. – 9.00 p.m.). Price: Full Day (RM50), Half Day (6 hours – RM40), 1st hour (RM15) and subsequent hour (RM10/hour). Baits and hooks will be calculated separately.

There will be 6 duck houses with each house able to accommodate around 1200 ducks. In total, there will be around 7000 ducks at one time. You will be able to get up close and personal with those ducklings, drakes and ducks. You can identify the gender of the drakes by their low and deep sound whereas the ducks with their louder and high pitched sound. Ticket is available at the restaurant count at RM5/adult and RM3/child. Visiting hours will be from 9.30am until 7.00pm. Resort guests will be at half price. A tractor with passenger seats, will chauffeur you to and fro from the duck farm. At the moment, there’s no limitation on how long you can spend at the duck farm. Be warned that there might be strong stench emitting from the duck shit along the way. Please make sure that you close all the gates when you enter each fenced farm to prevent the ducks from running out. If you are lucky, you might find some egrets mingling with the ducks.


  • Farm experience (duck farm and fishing pond)
  • Fresh food direct from farm
  • Lakes


  • Visit duck farm
  • Fishing
  • Duck feeding
  • Duck pedal boat
  • Kid amusement
  • Jogging
  • Photo shooting
  • Place for banquet


  • Resort rooms
  • Restaurants
  • Parking
  • Toilets
  • Fishing pond
  • Place for banquet
  • Fishing pond


Steamboat and BBQ price
Steamboat and BBQ price.
Accommodation Price
Accommodation Price.

For more updates, refer their Facebook page.


Photo credit to Trong leisure Farm Facebook Page.


Trong Leisure Farm Facebook Review
Crizfood.com | Food and duck farm expedition to Trong Leisure Farm Resort in Trong, Perak




By Car

From NORTH / SOUTH by E1 PLUS highway, take EXIT 146 Changkat Jering. After toll plaza turn right on T junction onto Route 60 heading for Bruas/Lumut, then follow road for about 9 km until you reach Trong town. Turn right onto Route A103 at the T junction. Go straight for about 1 km and you will find the sign to the resort.

By Train

From KL Sentral Station take ETS for Butterworth to KTM Taiping Station. After arrived at the station, take a taxi to the farm. It takes about 25 minute for a journey about 20 km.

Malaysia public transport guide:



Address: PT293, Jalan Kuala Trong, 34800 Trong, Perak
Tel : 010-464 0918 / 010-464 2917
Email: trongleisure@gmail.com
Facebook Page: Trong Leisure Farm


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