Salu Waterfall, Jeram, PERAK

Salu Waterfall or locally known as Jeram Waterfall is located between Gopeng and Kampar. 9 km from Kampar town and 12 km from Gopeng. It is on the way to Sahom, near Sungai Siput Selatan. This waterfall is less popular except for the locals. On a weekday you will probably the only visitor. The fall is in seven segments, … Continue reading Salu Waterfall, Jeram, PERAK

Alang’s Rawa, Mersing, JOHOR

Alang’s Rawa is your own private island, the perfect getaway for when you want to escape the hassle of everyday life. With only 14 rooms and the most laid-back atmosphere you can find, Alang’s Rawa wants you to feel like you’re at home. Our friendly staff are here to make sure you get what you … Continue reading Alang’s Rawa, Mersing, JOHOR

Rawa Island Resort, Mersing, JOHOR

Rawa Island Resort, an idyllic tropical island for guests to unwind from the stress and strain of modern life. Feel the grains of white, sun-baked sand between your toes as you stroll along the beach. Take a dip in the warm waters of the South China Sea. Enjoy the green scenery. Snorkel along the natural … Continue reading Rawa Island Resort, Mersing, JOHOR

Pantai Penyabong, Endau, JOHOR

Pantai Penyabong or formerly known as Pantai Pasir Lanun is a beach located near fishermen village of Kampung Penyabong in Endau, Johor. There a lot of resort and chalet choices near this beach. You can enjoy the scenery and relaxing on the beach. The beach has beautiful landscape and during weekend, it is a popular picnic spots among locals. FEATURE … Continue reading Pantai Penyabong, Endau, JOHOR

FarmVille Cafe & Homestay, Sekinchan, SELANGOR

Farm Ville & Homestay is a tranquil, countryside hotel in Sekinchan that is uniquely designed to calm and comfort - with a beautiful landscape of the paddy-field & sky, creating a masterpiece. This is a perfect place to satisfy those that are looking for peace of mind. Open your eyes to the beautiful landscape of the green … Continue reading FarmVille Cafe & Homestay, Sekinchan, SELANGOR

Broga Bliss Eco Garden, Lenggeng, NEGERI SEMBILAN

Broga Bliss Eco Garden is near Broga Town with affordable and variety restaurants. This nature-enriched and relaxing eco farm is overlooking beautiful scapes of hills and mountains and takes less than 10 minutes drive to Broga's famous landmark "Broga Hill". Located hereby and just a walking distance away are 2 famous grill fish restaurants and another … Continue reading Broga Bliss Eco Garden, Lenggeng, NEGERI SEMBILAN

Jasin Hot Springs, Bemban, MELAKA

Jasin Hot Springs (Air Panas Jasin) is a hot spring located in Bemban, 20 km from Melaka City. The hot spring was originally established by businessman Tan Kim Tean from Singapore on 8 May 1884 as a public bathing house.Sourcing from three natural alkaline hot spring wells, the initial hot spring water at 69 degree Celsius … Continue reading Jasin Hot Springs, Bemban, MELAKA

Endau Beach Resort, Endau, JOHOR

Endau Beach Resort is located at Pasir Lanun, Kampung Penyabong, a 20 minute’s drive from pekan Endau or approximately 30 minutes away from Mersing. It is strategically positioned on a hill terrace, thus presenting you with an unforgettable view of the sea with dozens of little island dotting the coastline. Endau Beach Resort is the perfect place … Continue reading Endau Beach Resort, Endau, JOHOR