Pantai Penyabong or formerly known as Pantai Pasir Lanun is a beach located near fishermen village of Kampung Penyabong in Endau, Johor. There a lot of resort and chalet choices near this beach. You can enjoy the scenery and relaxing on the beach. The beach has beautiful landscape and during weekend, it is a popular picnic spots among locals.


  • Beautiful scenery
  • Fishermen village & jetty
  • Piers


  • Swimming
  • Picnic


  • Toilets
  • Parking
  • Rest huts
  • Food stalls


  • Admission : Free
  • Parking : Free
  • Toilet : –
  • Attire : No restriction but please use decent clothes (ex: t-shirt, shorts)

For accommodation nearby, click here.


Photo credit to and Nursham Mamat.



Pantai Penyabong Unofficial Facebook Page | Pantai Pasir Lanun di Penyabong, Johor | Pantai Penyabung




By Car

From NORTH / SOUTH by E2 PLUS highway, take EXIT 244 to Ayer Itam/Kluang/Batu Pahat. After toll plaza, turn right onto Route 50 to Kluang. Then, follow the sign to Mersing. After arriving at Mersing town, take 1st exit on the roundabout onto Jalan Endau Mersing (Route 3). Follow the road for about 16 km. Turn right on the T junction to Pantai Penyabong.

Turn right on this junction.
Turn right on this junction.

Follow the road for 5 km then turn left on the junction to Pantai Penyabong. After 1.4 km, turn left on the crossroad toward Penyabong.

Turn left to Penyabong on this crossroad.
Turn left to Penyabong on this crossroad.

Go straight for about 9 km until you reach to the end of the road.

Turn right on this junction.
Turn right on this junction.

Turn right onto Route J182 and follow the road for another 3 km and the beach is on your left.

By Bus

Take express bus from KL or Johor Bahru to Mersing then at Mersing town, take a taxi to the beach. The journey is 35 km.

Malaysia public transport guide : BUS | TRAIN | FLIGHT | CAR RENTAL | FERRY | TAXI





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