Lata Ulu Chepor (Kawasan Perkelahan Kg. Ulu Chepor) is located just 10km from Ipoh City and the place is surrounded by hills cloaked in a verdant tropical rainforest. The park can be reached by using Chemor Road (Route A1) near the Ipoh Utara Toll Plaza.

This is area is suitable for taking fresh air, relaxing and for a picnic during weekends. Facilities such as camp site, multi-purpose hall, pray hall and bathroom are provided for visitors who want to have a long stay or who want to carry out educational and recreational activities. The park is well maintained and clearly signposted on the trunk road. There is also downhill track route if you are adventurous.

Open from 7.00 am to 6.00 pm. For camping and overnight, please contact the JKK Kg Ulu Chepor (Village Committe). No admission fee is charged.


  • Waterfalls and natural pools
  • Restaurants and shops nearby


  • Swimming
  • Camping
  • Hiking
  • Picnic/BBQ
  • Group program/camp
  • Track Downhill (Cycling)


  • Parking
  • Hawker stalls
  • Toilets/Bathroom
  • Rental Rest huts
  • Information stall
  • Prayer room
  • Multi-purpose hall


  • Admission : Free
  • Parking :
    1. Car – RM2
    2. Motorcycle – RM0.50
    3. Bus – RM3
  • Toilet : RM0.30
  • Bathroom : RM0.50
  • Camping : RM50/day
  • Multi-purpose hall : RM70/day
  • Rest hut :
    1. Concrete – RM8
    2. Wooden – RM4
  • Chalet :
    1. Concrete – RM80/night
    2. Wooden – RM60/night
  • Attire : No restriction but please use decent clothes (ex: t-shirt, shorts)

Accommodation in Ipoh : | agoda


Photo Credit to & Waterfall of Malaysia





By Car
From KL by E1 PLUS highway, take EXIT 138 Ipoh Selatan. After toll plaza go straight follow the parallel road (Route 240) until you found the exit to Jelapang/Chemor/Lumut, the last exit before you enter the EI PLUS highway again. Take right onto Route A1 at the junction toward Chemor. Follow the road for about 4.4 km until you find the sign to Lata Ulu Chepor on your left.

Take this exit before the plaza toll.
Take this exit before the plaza toll.

Follow the road for about 1.6 km and you will reach your destination.

Take left to Lata Ulu Chepor (See signs).
Take left to Lata Ulu Chepor (See signs).

From Kuala Kangsar by Federal Route 1, follow the road heading for Ipoh until Chemor Town. Take right onto Route A1 on the second traffic light.

Take right on this junction.
Take right on this junction.

Follow the road for about 4.8 km until you see the sign to Lata Ulu Chepor.

By Train
From KL Sentral Station take ETS for Ipoh to KTM Ipoh Station. After arrived at the station, walk about 500 m to Medan Kidd Ipoh Bus Station. Take bus Perak Transit No. 116 (blue colour) to Terminal Amanjaya Ipoh (express bus terminal). After arrived at the terminal, take a taxi to Lata Ulu Chepor for a journey about 6 km that takes about 10 minutes. Alternatively, you can take a taxi all the way from KTM Ipoh Station.

Malaysia public transport guide : BUS | TRAIN | FLIGHT | CAR RENTAL | FERRY | TAXI


Jawatankuasa Kemajuan & Keselamatan Kampung Ulu Chepor (Village Committee)

Tel : 019-435 2041 (Mr. Mohd Arifin) / 012-593 5406 (Mr. Mohd Alias)

Ipoh City Council

Jalan Sultan Abdul Jalil, Greentown, 30450 Ipoh, Perak

Tel : 05-2083333

Fax : 05-253 7396 / 05-208 3530

E-mail :



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